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Not Pinterest Perfect (an introduction)


I am one of those mo  ms who gets an idea off Pinterest, and other blogs, and tweaks them to what I have around the house. My daughter loves when I find a new project for her to do. I usually don’t have the right tools or pieces to make it Pinterest perfect, but I try.

After I find all the tools and things I need I try to lay it out neatly. Here is where it all goes wrong. I look at the picture of how the blogger set things out. Its always so perfect, then I look at mine and think; wow why do I even bother trying to make it perfect? My daughter doesn’t care how neat I lay out the stuff. She is just planning to make a mess anyway.

Today we decided to make these frozen banana pop things to eat after lunch. Well the recipe calls for peanut butter.. My daughter is two and I am the – haven’t done peanut butter yet mom. It also showed all these items i don’t keep in my house like; coconut, nuts, etc. So I grab the next best thing; chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips.

So I lay everything out “neatly”, and attempt to quickly set up before she destroys it. We have everything ready and before I can show her what to do she is eating the chocolate ingredients. *sigh*

So after showing her she gets all excited. She dips the cut up banana pieces into the yogurt, and the other ingredients too. She is happy making a mess and eating it as she makes it. I love watching her face light up as we find something new to do. The chocolate chips are falling off the banana, since we didn’t use peanut butter to help it stick, and the sprinkles are going everywhere. I look at the mess in the pan that we just made, and then look at my phone. The picture on the internet looks so perfect, and ours well… it looks like a mess, but to her its a beautiful masterpiece that she made.

I always laugh at those NAILED IT! photo’s. You know the pictures of Pinterest ideas gone wrong.  I laugh because that is how our projects usually turn out. But to us it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as we had fun along the way.


(TOP: Our messy version)


(BOTTOM: The original)