Letter of The Week

So I have really been slacking over here. Still trying to catch up on life, with two kids and a messy house it makes it harder. Figured I’d write an update on what me and my daughter have been up to with our, “school days”.

I have started doing letters of the week with her. Its something i don’t really have to do. By the time she was one and a half she was already recognizing letters. She knows all her letters, but now I am trying to teach her some words that Start with those letters.

Each week I write the letter of the week on our dry erase board. I write the capital letter and lowercase. The one thing she is still learning is the difference between the two. I figured doing this would be the perfect way to help her.


Each day we read a book, and I think of several projects that start with the letter of the week. We also play games and do other activities; like counting, and sorting to expand our learning beyond the letters.

We also take words like; Apple, airplane, acorn.. Etc, and place them around the dry erase board. Whatever letter we are on, each word that goes up starts with that letter.

For ” A” week, we did; Apple,Acorn,Alligator, AirplaneAirplane, and Ant. Throughout the week we either made a project or read a story based on these words.

For apple we read a few books that were about apples. And the ones we read had to do with baking things with apples in them.


Four apples rhyme IMG_20140909_113814384 IMG_20140911_132305084

The apple star story IMG_20140911_135231

We also through the week made a letter A that looked like an apple.


To catch up on what we have done, I will post the pictures here of last week, which was the letter “B”. This week we are doing the letter ” C”, but also working on lessons about fall. That I will post in my next blog. For now here are some of the activities we did for the letter, ” B”.



Petes buttons IMG_20140916_120532157IMG_20140917_101318050 Banana muffins IMG_20140917_121019619 Bubbles

Butterfly IMG_20140918_101748374_HDRIMG_20140919_103214618


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