Letter of The Week

So I have really been slacking over here. Still trying to catch up on life, with two kids and a messy house it makes it harder. Figured I’d write an update on what me and my daughter have been up to with our, “school days”.

I have started doing letters of the week with her. Its something i don’t really have to do. By the time she was one and a half she was already recognizing letters. She knows all her letters, but now I am trying to teach her some words that Start with those letters.

Each week I write the letter of the week on our dry erase board. I write the capital letter and lowercase. The one thing she is still learning is the difference between the two. I figured doing this would be the perfect way to help her.


Each day we read a book, and I think of several projects that start with the letter of the week. We also play games and do other activities; like counting, and sorting to expand our learning beyond the letters.

We also take words like; Apple, airplane, acorn.. Etc, and place them around the dry erase board. Whatever letter we are on, each word that goes up starts with that letter.

For ” A” week, we did; Apple,Acorn,Alligator, AirplaneAirplane, and Ant. Throughout the week we either made a project or read a story based on these words.

For apple we read a few books that were about apples. And the ones we read had to do with baking things with apples in them.


Four apples rhyme IMG_20140909_113814384 IMG_20140911_132305084

The apple star story IMG_20140911_135231

We also through the week made a letter A that looked like an apple.


To catch up on what we have done, I will post the pictures here of last week, which was the letter “B”. This week we are doing the letter ” C”, but also working on lessons about fall. That I will post in my next blog. For now here are some of the activities we did for the letter, ” B”.



Petes buttons IMG_20140916_120532157IMG_20140917_101318050 Banana muffins IMG_20140917_121019619 Bubbles

Butterfly IMG_20140918_101748374_HDRIMG_20140919_103214618


Learning Together

Life has been hectic with my two girls recently, haven’t even posted our Cinderella day yet. I think that was my daughters favorite theme day yet. I have so many pictures from that day, and I plan on writing about it soon. 

For today here is a small idea of something to do with kids who don’t go to school yet, but are wanting to learn. I have searched many BLOGs for ideas, and we have created our own “school days”. I have a lot of planned projects, and other activities to teach my daughter things in a fun way. She was really excited for our ” segool” days. Haha. I love the way they pronounce words at this age. 

For our first day we started a calendar with a weather chart and a season chart. We also have been singing the days of the week song, to the tune of the Adams family song. IMG_20140902_101816628

After we fill in the calendar for the day, we read a book that goes with our theme of the week. This week we are doing “about me” and “feelings”. So today we read, Today I Feel Silly; by Jamie Lee Curtis. 


After we read it I made feeling puppets and we sang, “if your happy and you know it”, using mad, sad,happy,and scared. I was shocked that she knew what each emotion was. 


We also did a simple about me project and I had cut out each letter of her name, and took a picture of her signing the letter. We are big Signing Time fans. I also had her lay down on paper, and I traced her. She colored in her hair, and clothes and drew her face. She did pretty good.for being two. 


The last thing we did just for fun was made some fall decorations, and put them up on the window. 


She had fun making projects and learning new things. I had fun learning new songs, and fun ways to teach her. I also have a theme day planned, so hopefully that will happen soon.