Clifford day!!

Today we celebrated one of my daughters favorite characters, Clifford. Everything was last minute, I stayed up till midnight creating everything.

I started off making Cliffords paw prints, and had them lead her to the table. On the table I put Clifford books and dog bone cut outs. Plus a drawing I made.

We then created Cliffords dog house. I let my daughter pick out the colors she wanted to make it. We then made Cliffords ears from construction paper. As a snack I made puppy chow with store brand chex, pretzel twists, and dried fruit. I put it in a dog dish. My daughter got a kick out of it.

We also played two games; find the bones, and paw jump, where she jumped from paw to paw. The last thing we did was make a handprint Clifford. Please ignore my horrible art work haha.

Today was a lot of fun. I asked my daughter what theme she wanted next, Jake and the Neverland pirates was her answer. I guess that means I am on the hunt for Jake party ideas.

IMG_20140817_230440255 IMG_20140817_230451440 IMG_20140817_230457741 IMG_20140817_230506370 IMG_20140817_230511684 IMG_20140817_230518120 IMG_20140818_091952262 IMG_20140818_102141723_HDR IMG_20140818_110333956 IMG_20140818_111708818 IMG_20140818_113732457 IMG_20140818_121205642 IMG_20140818_141303113 IMG_20140818_144715201

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