Tinkerbell Day

I decided since my daughter was on a Tinkerbell kick that I would have a Tinkerbell day with her.  While she was passed out cold the night before in my bed, i snuck a Tinkerbell pillow case on her bed. When she woke up on the Tinkerbell pillow the next morning she was so excited, and kept shouting Tinkerbell Tinkerbell.

IMG_20140805_214151796 IMG_20140805_224141923 IMG_20140805_224550844 IMG_20140805_224757392 IMG_20140806_085655767

The day before we worked on making Pixie Hollow. I stapled blue paper for the background, and cut slices in green paper for the grass. Then printed out some fairies, colored them, and stuck them on the board. I made a sun, clouds, and flowers all out of construction paper.

Before I went to bed the night before, i also set up the living room. I cut out wings, and made Fairy crowns. In the bucket I put glitter glue so we could decorate the wings. I also made a box of Pixie Dust, by cutting up the extra scraps of paper i had from making the pixie hollow background.

I put her hair up the best I could to make her have “Tinkerbell” hair. We all wore Tinkerbell shirts, mine was a little snug since I haven’t worn it since college haha.

She loved walking into the living room in the morning  with everything all set up. We had a simple breakfast, and then began to decorate our fairy wings.


As you can see my cat wanted to join in the fun too.


We also thought it would be appropriate if we watched some Tinkerbell movies. We literally had them on all day non-stop. Even my two-month old stopped to watch the movie.





Then I told her that we need to throw the pixie dust over us so that we could fly too. She loved this idea and after I showed her how to throw it in the air, she was running around the room, saying “I can fly” and “Pixie Dust”.  IMG_20140806_124233032


IMG_20140806_131556337 IMG_20140806_150537708As you can see, I had a pretty big mess to clean up afterwards. My carpet had pieces of paper all over. Honestly I didn’t care, it wasn’t sparkles, and came up really easy with the vacuum. After we had some fun with pixie dust, we had lunch in Pixie Hollow. I didn’t do anything special with the lunch, just something simple. Of course while we ate lunch we continued to watch Tinkerbell. After lunch we sat down for some cupcakes. I had her color some printable Tinkerbell coloring pages, and we made some more wings.

I didn’t make much for this day food wise, since Lilo and Stitch day was such a disaster with food and I spent most of my day in the kitchen cleaning. I wanted this day to be more than me doing dishes. So we made it simple, and fun.

For next week my plan is to have a Cinderella day. I haven’t told her yet and I don’t plan to. I have to somehow make a background with the castle without her seeing. We will see how that goes.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my BLOG. Most of my ideas are simple, and not extravagant. My goal is to show the other parents out there that even if what you did isn’t fancy and expensive, it doesn’t really matter they still enjoy and appreciate what you do for them.



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