Ohana Means Family; Our Lilo and Stitch Day

This weeks theme was Lilo and Stitch, one of my favorite Disney characters of all time. You would think the day, and the food would go perfect… aha, this day just did not work out at all.

IMG_20140729_225329587 IMG_20140729_225303167_HDR IMG_20140729_225324843_HDR IMG_20140730_073155657 IMG_20140730_082906821_HDR IMG_20140729_225316582 IMG_20140729_225312014

It all started yesterday when I couldn’t find a star cookie cutter for my star fish s’mores. Ugh. So I decided to make a fish shape, well lets just say I wasted my night making something that didn’t even work. So that went to waste.

This morning started out pretty smooth, I had everything set up before my daughter woke up, minus breakfast; I was in the middle of it when she ran into the kitchen. She was greeted with cloud dough, and a picture of Lilo and Stitch on the beach.


She loved it, and it kept her occupied through most of the mess I was making for breakfast. She finally got bored and so I put the movie on while I finished up. Breakfast was a success, minus the “crunchy” French toast. It was eh, I am not a fan to begin with, and my daughter never touched it.

IMG_20140730_091859429 IMG_20140730_092248175 IMG_20140730_092252851

After that I spent most of the morning cleaning up the mess I had made. When I finally finished that, we made palm trees with the girls hands. It was my two month olds first project haha. That went okay. Lunch was just simple, nothing Lilo and Stitch related, I think I was just to frustrated with some of these recipes to make something extravagant.

IMG_20140730_123939458 IMG_20140730_123944403 IMG_20140730_124211548

So then we turned on the special features on the Lilo and Stitch big wave edition DVD, and learned a few hula moves.

IMG_20140730_130810450 IMG_20140730_142504361 IMG_20140730_142521230 IMG_20140730_142720258

I had also made hula skirts and leis, the night before, we put those on to dance to.

IMG_20140730_124235682 IMG_20140730_124248119 IMG_20140730_124252764

After dancing I went inside to make pineapple upside down cakes. Ha. That was fun. I tried so hard to get the recipe perfect, but they did not turn out that way. They were more like .. Pineapple upside down… disasters?? They taste okay, a little too buttery for me. They are meant for after dinner, but I may just go with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles haha.

IMG_20140730_153636081 IMG_20140730_153957547 IMG_20140730_161823865 IMG_20140730_162427199http://momstown.ca/recipe/cooking-kids-pineapple-upside-down-cake

For dinner, which seems to be the best turn out of the day was, sweet Hawaiian crock pot chicken. It turned out yummy, but looked nothing like the picture on Pinterest, go figure.


Crockpot Chicken
Although today wasn’t as successful as last week, I am still glad we did it; My daughter was so excited to hula dance, and celebrate one of our favorite movies together.

Next weeks plan is to have a Blues Clues day, I have some simple ideas that won’t let the whole day go to waste cleaning up the kitchen. We all know cleaning up the kitchen is my least favorite thing to do, besides cooking.


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