“Let it go” and be a kid for a day

While taking a scroll through my newsfeed on face book yesterday morning, I came across a link for Frozen inspired parties. Both of my daughters won’t have birthdays until next year again, and by then Frozen for my oldest may just be a thing of the past. So I got to thinking how can I have a frozen party now, while its still the “in thing”. So I began to look up more ideas, from food to simple activities for my two-year old.

Most of the ingredients for the food I had already, and all I had to do was print out a few Frozen printable pictures online, and had myself a little themed party. Last night before bed I went through my party supply bin and found a tray for the snacks, and a blue table cloth to go with our “ice” theme. I set up the table, and made some paper snowflakes to add the “Frozen“ touch. I placed two of her crowns on the table too, and one of the printable pictures.

IMG_20140723_013932855 IMG_20140723_014101333

In the morning when she discovered the table, she ran to it and screamed “Elsa Elsa”. She grabbed her crayons and began to color, while I put Frozen on for her to watch, so I could go make a special pancake breakfast.


So remember how I said I am in no way Pinterest perfect? Well lets just say art is just not my thing, and well mix food into that, and its even worse. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted my “Olaf” pancake to look. Well… it turned out like any “Nailed It” picture would.


When I brought it into the living room for my daughter, the minute I put it down she screamed, “Snowman, Olaf”. I couldn’t help but smile, because she knew what I was trying to accomplish, and that was all that mattered to her.

After breakfast was all cleaned up, we moved on to making Elsa crowns. I found an outline of the crown online and printed it out.

We then used glitter glue and crayons to decorate the crowns. We let them dry and moved on to the next activity. I had found an Olaf print out.  I cut him out, and grabbed another piece of paper, I glued the underside, and asked my daughter to put Olaf together.  I then told her we were going to play a game, I taped Olaf on the door, and we played; pin the nose on Olaf. I cut out a bunch of “Olaf noses” and put tape on the back of them. I showed her how to play, she let me cover her eyes once or twice, but wasn’t having it. So she had a little fun of her own….IMG_20140723_114427002IMG_20140723_114739529 IMG_20140723_141105628

Our last activity before lunch was playing on “Olaf’s beach”. I made Cloud dough from flour and baby oil. http://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-for-kids/cloud-dough-exploration/ I told her it was the beach Olaf was on when he sang his song. She was all excited kept saying “Olaf’s beach Olaf’s beach”.  She had a blast playing in it, and was occupied for a good thirty minutes.

IMG_20140723_125141269 IMG_20140723_125138298 IMG_20140723_124230664

I then made lunch, and it was just a time to relax and continue listening to the Frozen soundtrack which I had put on after the movie was over. Once lunch was over it was time for desert, I prepared the tray, and brought it out to her. Our desert consisted of, Jello “ice blocks”, http://happyhooligans.ca/20-frozen-activities-recipes/ fruit, and frozen inspired cupcakes, that I could do to the best of my ability. She couldn’t wait to attack the food, and barely let me take a picture.
IMG_20140723_150713218 IMG_20140723_150648732_HDR IMG_20140723_151644677_HDR

(I took a close up shot because you can see the two different colors in it)

Finally to conclude our first themed day, I put together our crowns. She was so excited to wear hers, she even made one for her baby sister.

The thing that made me really happy about today, was the fact that nothing I made was perfect, but it didn’t matter to her. She had so much fun and can’t stop talking about her crown, or the projects we did today. Today went so smoothly that I think every Wednesday will be a themed day. My plan for next week is Lilo and Stitch. I hope this inspires other moms out there to just go for it, and be a kid for a day, and make things even if you aren’t good at it. Your kids don’t care what it looks like, they just want to have fun.


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