Mission Accomplished!!

Parent hood is scary no matter how many kids you add to the mix. Every addition is a new challenge. I don’t care what anyone says even just having one is the scariest thing on this planet.

Each addition is like starting all over again. I feel just as paranoid that I am doing something wrong, as I did with my first. I look at some moms, and they seem to have this parenting thing under control. So calm, cool, and just go with the flow. Me I don’t think going with the flow is my thing, every little set back freaks me out. I am jealous of the moms who have time to slap makeup on their face, do their hair, and look presentable when going out in public. Me, I am lucky if I have a pair of real jeans in my drawer. You will usually catch me with my hair thrown up, in comfortable Capri’s/pants, and a shirt that probably has been spit up on, or had boogies wiped on. There is that rare occasion where I have had a long shower, put on makeup, and worn something nice… but lets face it, that rarely happens. I thought having one kid was pretty rough, well two just added to the fun. It’s not just getting up every day and getting dressed that’s a task, its things like making sure everyone is fed, dressed, bathed, etc.

The other night I took on the challenge of bathing not one, but two kids at the same time. With one there is not much planning that needed to go into it. It was always just, throw my toddler in, wash her up, and finish our night time routine. With an additional kid things for me require some sort of plan. To me I just can’t jump into anything without thinking anymore, everything needs to be planned out, even if it’s a loose plan; I still need one.

Okay, I thought to myself bathe toddler first. Then put baby in her tub right after. Wash the baby while the toddler plays. Ha, well toddler of course wants to help.

 “Here wash babies feet”, I say handing her the cloth.

 She washes her toes then hands it back to me. I try to then wash the babies hair. My toddler grabs the wash cloth I dropped and swears squeezes it over the babies head. Soap pours into her eyes… This was never meant to be easy, wasn‘t it? No more tears, that’s what the tag line of Johnsons reads, right? Must be true because the baby just bats her soapy eye and continues to smile and enjoy her bath.

 While I finish up thinking my toddler will play by herself, I have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to play she wants to help. So, she keeps jumping over the baby tub to get to her sister. I love her eagerness to help, but I am getting worried that something will go wrong with my toddler climbing over the baby tub to get to her sister. I better start wrapping things up before this turns into a disaster. I quickly go back to thinking and planning mode. Who do I take out first?? ?? Aha! Toddler. I  then quickly wrap her in a towel before grabbing the baby, in hopes she doesn’t scoot herself ask the way down the seat. Quickly, quickly, quickly…… Ah relief I did it… Next step get baby to the changing mat before she pees on me, or before my toddler pee’s on the floor. Mission accomplished I feel good.


I Managed a double bath. No injuries and not a dab of pee on my clothes. Then my toddler begins acting out, not wanting to get her pajamas on. I reach for her, pick her up, and something starts dripping on my arm… well I almost had it! 

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