Messy Cooking

So I am the kind of person that if I look at a recipe and see it has a huge list of ingredients I won’t make it.  I don’t want to deal with the clean up. I will use taco packets, or potatoes in a box; yeah I am that person. As a mom I guess its probably not good to make like that all the time but I honestly hate cooking. I don’t enjoy making this huge mess, just to have to clean it up, and rinse and repeat. I like simple.

Today I ventured out, not realizing how much of a mess I would make. I spent my entire morning from about 9am to noon, making and cleaning. I found a recipe while scrolling through my face book feed a few days ago. It was a no bake cake, and it looked so great I had to try it. I got all the things I needed to make it; strawberries, cool whip, bananas, pineapple (I used pineapple chunks), butter, powdered sugar, and graham crackers. As I begin to prepare everything, I am realizing I am using more bowls, pots, pans… than I really wanted to.

While I am doing that, my daughter is getting impatient with me and bored, while the baby sleeps without a care in the world. So I turn on the “babysitter” (the big “no no” to some) the dreaded TV, and continue working on the cake. I then ask her for some help, and she is more than happy to do so. I ask her to help crush the crackers. I placed them in a bag and put them on the floor. At first she was  really upset because I was crushing them, and she wanted to eat them. After a few minutes of whimpering over it, she started crushing them too.

She was still upset over the fact that we were hurting the poor graham crackers, that she left to continue to watch TV.  Okay, so back to preparing everything. Time goes on and more dishes pile up, that as I am doing step number 10000 on the list, I began to wash dishes too.

Then I try to get my daughter involved again by having her help me wash the strawberries, and put them on the cake. She is over excited, but of course starts eating them. I give her some on a plate to keep her busy, while I cut up the ones to use. When its time to put on the strawberries, bananas, and pineapple; I have my little helper do it with me. Of course once again while we are doing it she’s eating it.

She starts dipping the fruit into the butter and sugar mixture and eating them too. Finally I cover the fruit with the cool whip, and I thought she was done eating the cake, when her little fingers make their way into the cool whip. So I take a big spoon full from the container and stick it in her mouth, and she laughs. I ask her what she wants to put on top of the cake. I am not a fan of chocolate syrup and its not in the house, so she says, “Chocolate Chips”. So we sprinkle left-over strawberries and chocolate chips on top. Once again we eat more.

Even though I had tried to clean up while preparing everything, my dishes in the sink never seem to disappear. Before I can even think about washing them, I hear tooting coming from the little blue chair in the middle of the kitchen. Ah- I guess I have to change diapers before I can even clean up the disaster I left in the kitchen. Quickly I cover the cake, and get it in the fridge. All I really want to do is an “I dream of Jeanie” move, and the dishes disappear, but it doesn’t work. So I quickly change diapers and finally get around to the mess. Its not just dishes, it’s the little green leaves from the strawberries, banana peels, the cool whip container; which has fallen on the floor splattering some. There are strawberry stains on the counter, and a pineapple juice puddle too. Once again reasons I never make anything that will be a project. You can call me lazy, but I would rather spend the time coloring with my toddler, or having tummy time with my one-month old. Cooking has always been my least favorite thing to do. I could handle making simple pasta, or chicken cutlets every night since the clean up is minimal, but something that will make an big mess I like to avoid.

Today I made an exception so that I could do something fun with my daughter. I figure since the recipe doesn’t call for anything raw she could help as much as she’d like. If I can involve her in the process, it makes the mess not seem so bad after all. IMG_20140713_103553083 IMG_20140713_110233666 IMG_20140713_110239115 IMG_20140713_110609918 IMG_20140713_110927536 IMG_20140713_110932709 IMG_20140713_111200591 IMG_20140713_111358301 IMG_20140713_111715799


If you are interested in the recipe here is the site I got it from: No Bake Banana Split Dessert



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