Ohana Means Family; Our Lilo and Stitch Day

This weeks theme was Lilo and Stitch, one of my favorite Disney characters of all time. You would think the day, and the food would go perfect… aha, this day just did not work out at all.

IMG_20140729_225329587 IMG_20140729_225303167_HDR IMG_20140729_225324843_HDR IMG_20140730_073155657 IMG_20140730_082906821_HDR IMG_20140729_225316582 IMG_20140729_225312014

It all started yesterday when I couldn’t find a star cookie cutter for my star fish s’mores. Ugh. So I decided to make a fish shape, well lets just say I wasted my night making something that didn’t even work. So that went to waste.

This morning started out pretty smooth, I had everything set up before my daughter woke up, minus breakfast; I was in the middle of it when she ran into the kitchen. She was greeted with cloud dough, and a picture of Lilo and Stitch on the beach.


She loved it, and it kept her occupied through most of the mess I was making for breakfast. She finally got bored and so I put the movie on while I finished up. Breakfast was a success, minus the “crunchy” French toast. It was eh, I am not a fan to begin with, and my daughter never touched it.

IMG_20140730_091859429 IMG_20140730_092248175 IMG_20140730_092252851

After that I spent most of the morning cleaning up the mess I had made. When I finally finished that, we made palm trees with the girls hands. It was my two month olds first project haha. That went okay. Lunch was just simple, nothing Lilo and Stitch related, I think I was just to frustrated with some of these recipes to make something extravagant.

IMG_20140730_123939458 IMG_20140730_123944403 IMG_20140730_124211548

So then we turned on the special features on the Lilo and Stitch big wave edition DVD, and learned a few hula moves.

IMG_20140730_130810450 IMG_20140730_142504361 IMG_20140730_142521230 IMG_20140730_142720258

I had also made hula skirts and leis, the night before, we put those on to dance to.

IMG_20140730_124235682 IMG_20140730_124248119 IMG_20140730_124252764

After dancing I went inside to make pineapple upside down cakes. Ha. That was fun. I tried so hard to get the recipe perfect, but they did not turn out that way. They were more like .. Pineapple upside down… disasters?? They taste okay, a little too buttery for me. They are meant for after dinner, but I may just go with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles haha.

IMG_20140730_153636081 IMG_20140730_153957547 IMG_20140730_161823865 IMG_20140730_162427199http://momstown.ca/recipe/cooking-kids-pineapple-upside-down-cake

For dinner, which seems to be the best turn out of the day was, sweet Hawaiian crock pot chicken. It turned out yummy, but looked nothing like the picture on Pinterest, go figure.


Crockpot Chicken
Although today wasn’t as successful as last week, I am still glad we did it; My daughter was so excited to hula dance, and celebrate one of our favorite movies together.

Next weeks plan is to have a Blues Clues day, I have some simple ideas that won’t let the whole day go to waste cleaning up the kitchen. We all know cleaning up the kitchen is my least favorite thing to do, besides cooking.



“Let it go” and be a kid for a day

While taking a scroll through my newsfeed on face book yesterday morning, I came across a link for Frozen inspired parties. Both of my daughters won’t have birthdays until next year again, and by then Frozen for my oldest may just be a thing of the past. So I got to thinking how can I have a frozen party now, while its still the “in thing”. So I began to look up more ideas, from food to simple activities for my two-year old.

Most of the ingredients for the food I had already, and all I had to do was print out a few Frozen printable pictures online, and had myself a little themed party. Last night before bed I went through my party supply bin and found a tray for the snacks, and a blue table cloth to go with our “ice” theme. I set up the table, and made some paper snowflakes to add the “Frozen“ touch. I placed two of her crowns on the table too, and one of the printable pictures.

IMG_20140723_013932855 IMG_20140723_014101333

In the morning when she discovered the table, she ran to it and screamed “Elsa Elsa”. She grabbed her crayons and began to color, while I put Frozen on for her to watch, so I could go make a special pancake breakfast.


So remember how I said I am in no way Pinterest perfect? Well lets just say art is just not my thing, and well mix food into that, and its even worse. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted my “Olaf” pancake to look. Well… it turned out like any “Nailed It” picture would.


When I brought it into the living room for my daughter, the minute I put it down she screamed, “Snowman, Olaf”. I couldn’t help but smile, because she knew what I was trying to accomplish, and that was all that mattered to her.

After breakfast was all cleaned up, we moved on to making Elsa crowns. I found an outline of the crown online and printed it out.

We then used glitter glue and crayons to decorate the crowns. We let them dry and moved on to the next activity. I had found an Olaf print out.  I cut him out, and grabbed another piece of paper, I glued the underside, and asked my daughter to put Olaf together.  I then told her we were going to play a game, I taped Olaf on the door, and we played; pin the nose on Olaf. I cut out a bunch of “Olaf noses” and put tape on the back of them. I showed her how to play, she let me cover her eyes once or twice, but wasn’t having it. So she had a little fun of her own….IMG_20140723_114427002IMG_20140723_114739529 IMG_20140723_141105628

Our last activity before lunch was playing on “Olaf’s beach”. I made Cloud dough from flour and baby oil. http://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-for-kids/cloud-dough-exploration/ I told her it was the beach Olaf was on when he sang his song. She was all excited kept saying “Olaf’s beach Olaf’s beach”.  She had a blast playing in it, and was occupied for a good thirty minutes.

IMG_20140723_125141269 IMG_20140723_125138298 IMG_20140723_124230664

I then made lunch, and it was just a time to relax and continue listening to the Frozen soundtrack which I had put on after the movie was over. Once lunch was over it was time for desert, I prepared the tray, and brought it out to her. Our desert consisted of, Jello “ice blocks”, http://happyhooligans.ca/20-frozen-activities-recipes/ fruit, and frozen inspired cupcakes, that I could do to the best of my ability. She couldn’t wait to attack the food, and barely let me take a picture.
IMG_20140723_150713218 IMG_20140723_150648732_HDR IMG_20140723_151644677_HDR

(I took a close up shot because you can see the two different colors in it)

Finally to conclude our first themed day, I put together our crowns. She was so excited to wear hers, she even made one for her baby sister.

The thing that made me really happy about today, was the fact that nothing I made was perfect, but it didn’t matter to her. She had so much fun and can’t stop talking about her crown, or the projects we did today. Today went so smoothly that I think every Wednesday will be a themed day. My plan for next week is Lilo and Stitch. I hope this inspires other moms out there to just go for it, and be a kid for a day, and make things even if you aren’t good at it. Your kids don’t care what it looks like, they just want to have fun.


Mission Accomplished!!

Parent hood is scary no matter how many kids you add to the mix. Every addition is a new challenge. I don’t care what anyone says even just having one is the scariest thing on this planet.

Each addition is like starting all over again. I feel just as paranoid that I am doing something wrong, as I did with my first. I look at some moms, and they seem to have this parenting thing under control. So calm, cool, and just go with the flow. Me I don’t think going with the flow is my thing, every little set back freaks me out. I am jealous of the moms who have time to slap makeup on their face, do their hair, and look presentable when going out in public. Me, I am lucky if I have a pair of real jeans in my drawer. You will usually catch me with my hair thrown up, in comfortable Capri’s/pants, and a shirt that probably has been spit up on, or had boogies wiped on. There is that rare occasion where I have had a long shower, put on makeup, and worn something nice… but lets face it, that rarely happens. I thought having one kid was pretty rough, well two just added to the fun. It’s not just getting up every day and getting dressed that’s a task, its things like making sure everyone is fed, dressed, bathed, etc.

The other night I took on the challenge of bathing not one, but two kids at the same time. With one there is not much planning that needed to go into it. It was always just, throw my toddler in, wash her up, and finish our night time routine. With an additional kid things for me require some sort of plan. To me I just can’t jump into anything without thinking anymore, everything needs to be planned out, even if it’s a loose plan; I still need one.

Okay, I thought to myself bathe toddler first. Then put baby in her tub right after. Wash the baby while the toddler plays. Ha, well toddler of course wants to help.

 “Here wash babies feet”, I say handing her the cloth.

 She washes her toes then hands it back to me. I try to then wash the babies hair. My toddler grabs the wash cloth I dropped and swears squeezes it over the babies head. Soap pours into her eyes… This was never meant to be easy, wasn‘t it? No more tears, that’s what the tag line of Johnsons reads, right? Must be true because the baby just bats her soapy eye and continues to smile and enjoy her bath.

 While I finish up thinking my toddler will play by herself, I have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to play she wants to help. So, she keeps jumping over the baby tub to get to her sister. I love her eagerness to help, but I am getting worried that something will go wrong with my toddler climbing over the baby tub to get to her sister. I better start wrapping things up before this turns into a disaster. I quickly go back to thinking and planning mode. Who do I take out first?? ?? Aha! Toddler. I  then quickly wrap her in a towel before grabbing the baby, in hopes she doesn’t scoot herself ask the way down the seat. Quickly, quickly, quickly…… Ah relief I did it… Next step get baby to the changing mat before she pees on me, or before my toddler pee’s on the floor. Mission accomplished I feel good.


I Managed a double bath. No injuries and not a dab of pee on my clothes. Then my toddler begins acting out, not wanting to get her pajamas on. I reach for her, pick her up, and something starts dripping on my arm… well I almost had it! 

Messy Cooking

So I am the kind of person that if I look at a recipe and see it has a huge list of ingredients I won’t make it.  I don’t want to deal with the clean up. I will use taco packets, or potatoes in a box; yeah I am that person. As a mom I guess its probably not good to make like that all the time but I honestly hate cooking. I don’t enjoy making this huge mess, just to have to clean it up, and rinse and repeat. I like simple.

Today I ventured out, not realizing how much of a mess I would make. I spent my entire morning from about 9am to noon, making and cleaning. I found a recipe while scrolling through my face book feed a few days ago. It was a no bake cake, and it looked so great I had to try it. I got all the things I needed to make it; strawberries, cool whip, bananas, pineapple (I used pineapple chunks), butter, powdered sugar, and graham crackers. As I begin to prepare everything, I am realizing I am using more bowls, pots, pans… than I really wanted to.

While I am doing that, my daughter is getting impatient with me and bored, while the baby sleeps without a care in the world. So I turn on the “babysitter” (the big “no no” to some) the dreaded TV, and continue working on the cake. I then ask her for some help, and she is more than happy to do so. I ask her to help crush the crackers. I placed them in a bag and put them on the floor. At first she was  really upset because I was crushing them, and she wanted to eat them. After a few minutes of whimpering over it, she started crushing them too.

She was still upset over the fact that we were hurting the poor graham crackers, that she left to continue to watch TV.  Okay, so back to preparing everything. Time goes on and more dishes pile up, that as I am doing step number 10000 on the list, I began to wash dishes too.

Then I try to get my daughter involved again by having her help me wash the strawberries, and put them on the cake. She is over excited, but of course starts eating them. I give her some on a plate to keep her busy, while I cut up the ones to use. When its time to put on the strawberries, bananas, and pineapple; I have my little helper do it with me. Of course once again while we are doing it she’s eating it.

She starts dipping the fruit into the butter and sugar mixture and eating them too. Finally I cover the fruit with the cool whip, and I thought she was done eating the cake, when her little fingers make their way into the cool whip. So I take a big spoon full from the container and stick it in her mouth, and she laughs. I ask her what she wants to put on top of the cake. I am not a fan of chocolate syrup and its not in the house, so she says, “Chocolate Chips”. So we sprinkle left-over strawberries and chocolate chips on top. Once again we eat more.

Even though I had tried to clean up while preparing everything, my dishes in the sink never seem to disappear. Before I can even think about washing them, I hear tooting coming from the little blue chair in the middle of the kitchen. Ah- I guess I have to change diapers before I can even clean up the disaster I left in the kitchen. Quickly I cover the cake, and get it in the fridge. All I really want to do is an “I dream of Jeanie” move, and the dishes disappear, but it doesn’t work. So I quickly change diapers and finally get around to the mess. Its not just dishes, it’s the little green leaves from the strawberries, banana peels, the cool whip container; which has fallen on the floor splattering some. There are strawberry stains on the counter, and a pineapple juice puddle too. Once again reasons I never make anything that will be a project. You can call me lazy, but I would rather spend the time coloring with my toddler, or having tummy time with my one-month old. Cooking has always been my least favorite thing to do. I could handle making simple pasta, or chicken cutlets every night since the clean up is minimal, but something that will make an big mess I like to avoid.

Today I made an exception so that I could do something fun with my daughter. I figure since the recipe doesn’t call for anything raw she could help as much as she’d like. If I can involve her in the process, it makes the mess not seem so bad after all. IMG_20140713_103553083 IMG_20140713_110233666 IMG_20140713_110239115 IMG_20140713_110609918 IMG_20140713_110927536 IMG_20140713_110932709 IMG_20140713_111200591 IMG_20140713_111358301 IMG_20140713_111715799


If you are interested in the recipe here is the site I got it from: No Bake Banana Split Dessert



Not Pinterest Perfect (an introduction)


I am one of those mo  ms who gets an idea off Pinterest, and other blogs, and tweaks them to what I have around the house. My daughter loves when I find a new project for her to do. I usually don’t have the right tools or pieces to make it Pinterest perfect, but I try.

After I find all the tools and things I need I try to lay it out neatly. Here is where it all goes wrong. I look at the picture of how the blogger set things out. Its always so perfect, then I look at mine and think; wow why do I even bother trying to make it perfect? My daughter doesn’t care how neat I lay out the stuff. She is just planning to make a mess anyway.

Today we decided to make these frozen banana pop things to eat after lunch. Well the recipe calls for peanut butter.. My daughter is two and I am the – haven’t done peanut butter yet mom. It also showed all these items i don’t keep in my house like; coconut, nuts, etc. So I grab the next best thing; chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips.

So I lay everything out “neatly”, and attempt to quickly set up before she destroys it. We have everything ready and before I can show her what to do she is eating the chocolate ingredients. *sigh*

So after showing her she gets all excited. She dips the cut up banana pieces into the yogurt, and the other ingredients too. She is happy making a mess and eating it as she makes it. I love watching her face light up as we find something new to do. The chocolate chips are falling off the banana, since we didn’t use peanut butter to help it stick, and the sprinkles are going everywhere. I look at the mess in the pan that we just made, and then look at my phone. The picture on the internet looks so perfect, and ours well… it looks like a mess, but to her its a beautiful masterpiece that she made.

I always laugh at those NAILED IT! photo’s. You know the pictures of Pinterest ideas gone wrong.  I laugh because that is how our projects usually turn out. But to us it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as we had fun along the way.


(TOP: Our messy version)


(BOTTOM: The original)